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Log Into School Email

Log Into School Email

In order for students to gain access to all their linked data and resources, they need to be logged in directly to their school provided email account either on a chromebook or within the Google Chrome Browser as a linked user. This allows for the teachers to monitor progress and usage through the use of our online education platforms.

Google Chrome Browser

First, you need to make sure you have Google Chrome Browser installed on your device. This browser can be downloaded on any operating system and will allow users to sign in directly to the browser, linking history, bookmarks, apps, extensions, passwords and more! You can download the browser here: https://www.google.com/chrome/

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Sign in to the Chrome Browser

Next, you need to sign in directly to the browser itself using your Woodson ISD provided email account. When doing so make sure that you link the data and turn on sync so that way all data and information is current and up to date no matter what device.

For more detailed information on signing into the Chrome Browser, please check out our Video Guide.

That's it! You are now signed in and ready to start using resources and platforms provided by Woodson ISD!